Big Ramy kann nicht in Spanien starten


Über die Teilnahme von Big Ramy beim Wettkampf in Spanien haben sich Fans auf der ganzen Welt gefreut. Eigentlich wollte sich der Ägypter in Alicante die noch ausstehende Qualifikation für den Mr.Olympia holen.

Nach positiven Covid-19 Test: Big Ramy kann nicht in Spanien starten

Vor wenigen Stunden hat das Schwergewicht nun offiziell bekannt gegeben das er Aufgrund eines positiven Covid-19 Test nicht am Wettkampf teilnehmen kann. Laut Ramy ist es bereits die zweite Vorbereitung die dank Covid-19 abgebrochen werden musste. Nach dem die Arnold Classic Australia kurzfristig zu Beginn des Jahres abgesagt wurde saß der IFBB Profi 5 Monate in Dubai fest.

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I would like to make the official statement that I have tested POSITIVE for COVID-19. Therefore, I will not be able to compete this Sunday 11/10/20 at @npceuropean championships. I wanna wish good luck to the athletes and the promoter of the show my friends @emilio_martinez_romero and gian rico . I am devastated with this news as this is completely out of my control and it is the second preparation i loose cause of this virus… I stayed 5 months stranded in dubai after the cancelation of arnold australia and now another big chance to qualify for olympia just vanished in front of my eyes… But life goes on and the show must go on if it was just about me i would go and compete!! I have a little cough but nothing that bad but it would be irresponsible for me to risk older people life…So I will fight this little virus and get back to doing what i love the most :Bodybuilding… I want to thank everyone around the world for always supporting me YOU ARE MORE THAN FANS YOUR FAMILY . Please, know that I will be taking all precautions to not transmit this virus to anyone, i will quarantine myself a couple weeks and return stronger and healthier than ever.. I wanna thank my sponsor @dragonpharma_llc for supporting me all the time and providing me with great products for my preps and this time i will use their new Rx Line to boost my immune system and fight this corona #bodybuilding #BigRamy #teamdragonpharma #DragonPharma #TeamBigRamy ps: please understand the state of mind i am in right now i will take a couple days off social media thanks for those who will understand God bless everyone

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